How to see your Doctor

Appointments can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance.  Patients who feel they must see the Doctor on the same day will be given an urgent appointment with the next available Doctor.

Read these tips on how to get the most out of your appointment

Practice Nurse

The Practice Nurses can help with many of your health problems, included are: asthma, health check, immunisations, ECG, ear syringing, wound care, family planning, HRT, diabetes, travel advice/immunisation, smear tests, smoking cessation and weight loss. Telephone (0118) 942 4485.

Don’t forget:

  • NHS Direct can help with a wide range of health advice and information – call on 0845 46 47
  • The Pharmacist at your local chemist’s shop is trained to give advice about chronic disease problems and medicines. He/she can also advise on, and may be able to prescribe for, some minor ailments. You can see him/her without an appointment.

In-house Pharmacist

Our in-house Pharmacist (Ida) can assist you with medication queries and can also be seen for routine medication reviews. These reviews are initially completed online and any follow-up appointments can be dealt with by either Ida or your GP.

Telephone Consultations

We offer the facility for telephone consultations with a doctor. When you contact us please ask the receptionist; to ensure continuity of care please make an appointment with your usual GP.

Minor surgery

Doctors working at the surgery may undertake some minor surgical procedures. Patients must be referred by a GP and appointments are 15 minutes long. In some circumstances you may be advised to arrange for a friend or relative to drive you home afterwards.

Family Planning

Our practice nurses and doctors offer family planning advice. We can fit coils and prescribe emergency contraception at the surgery. If you require emergency contraception please request an urgent appointment.

If you are pregnant, please contact the Community Midwives on 0118 322 8964 to arrange your ‘booking appointment’.

Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss

Advice, support and nicotine replacement therapy are available through the practice nurses.

  • To Self-refer to our Stop Smoking service please complete our referral form.
  • To Self-refer to the Pathway Exercise service please complete our referral form.

Smear Tests

These are recommended every 3 years for women aged 25 to 49 and every 5 years in women aged 50 to 64 years. A doctor or a practice nurse can do them. Please ensure that if you are booking for a smear test with a doctor you ask for a double appointment. For more information please visit the NHS Choices website.


Ultrasound therapy is available for some muscle and joint problems. Referrals can be made through a doctor or a practice nurse.

Lung Function Testing

We have facilities for lung function testing in the surgery. This is an important tool used to assess patients with chronic lung diseases including asthma. Referrals for lung function testing are made through your GP.

Childhood Immunisations Clinic

It is your responsibility to book the baby’s first immunisations at 8, 12 and 16 weeks. Appointments for children over 12 months of age will be sent to you automatically. The surgery holds an immunisation clinic every Tuesday 10:00am-12.30pm.

Flu Clinic

Doctors and Practice nurses give flu vaccines to those aged over 65, or considered to be in ‘at risk’ groups: October and November, available at walk-in clinics. Times and dates will be advertised in the surgery.

Translation Service

If you would like a translator to be present at your appointment, please telephone the surgery.